Best Real Time multiplayer Simulation Game Real Estate Virtual Game 3d on Android and PC

As a video games player, I was thinking to myself, what's the best way I can enjoy a game with the ability to see other players in real-time playing with me without hearing their voice, and just enjoy my music, so I didn't find any, however, I started to think about a simulation game that I can learn and play at the same time, so Real Estate agent came to my mind, and then I started from there, so I start searching online for a game that includes the main features that I think would be fun to play and not to lose money. 

The main features are:

1- Multiplayer: want to see other people reacting to my actions

2- Reaction to every action that affects other player's decisions

3- Reality in facts, money, graphics, and other real factors like losing or winning by the world's real actions

4- Missions, as I like free games, I would like to feel I'm getting something out of my missions "not for nothing"

5- AI that can help or destroy my options

6- Endless game

7-  etc


So, after thinking it came to my mind the idea of a Real Estate Virtual Game, which includes all the features that I would like to see in a game.


Check it out on Android Android Play Store


Or Free on the web with fewer features than the android REVW Website  


Please leave your comments and ideas you would like to see in this game and let's make it more fun by getting more players to play 





By: Mutasem Elayyoub