AngularJS Vs Node JS

As per Google patterns, AngularJS performed better toward the beginning of 2016 however watching the charts these two structures are contending nearly and that is the reason we have presented this point which system is better for single page application improvement. 


AngularJS is a JavaScript structure. It is open source web application structure, for the most part, kept up by Google. AngularJS can be added to a HTML page with a tag. It broadens HTML traits with Directives and ties information to HTML with Expressions. 

It helps the client in including dynamic perspectives in their web application and is coordinated with Model-View-Whatever (MVW) design and parts, with the assistance of which, it has picked up the situation of the most favored structure for the making of information-driven applications and intuitive web applications. 


Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage runtime condition for creating server-side and systems administration applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and can be kept running inside the Node.js runtime. It additionally gives a rich library of different JavaScript modules which disentangles the improvement of web applications as it were. 

Highlights Of AngularJS 

AngularJS gives a smooth Model View Control Architecture which is additionally exceptionally unique in nature. 

As we probably are aware any application is developed from joining distinctive modules together. These modules work with various rationales. These are instated uniquely in contrast to one another. Yet at the same time, these modules are associated with one another by some rationale. The designers need to construct every one of the parts independently and afterward need to consolidate them together with some code and connected rationale to fix them in a solitary application. This, obviously, is an overhead for the engineers while utilizing a MVC Framework. 

MVC makes it less demanding for engineers to fabricate the customer side web application. All the MVC components which are produced independently are joined naturally utilizing AngularJS Framework. There is no requirement for engineers to compose additional code to fit every one of the components together. It enables you to put MVC component independently and naturally, sets them together likewise. 

Simple to utilize 

Decouples DOM control from any application rationale, and that makes it simple to utilize framework. It is a panacea for single-page applications (SPA). Accompanies numerous helpful highlights like mandates, channels, and programmed information ties, by which designers don't have to compose complex codes for basic highlights. Along these lines, the codes turn out to be more upgrade. 

POJO Model 

Plain Old JavaScript Objects are extremely independent as far as usefulness. The prior information models use to continue observing the information stream. A piece of POJO information demonstrate gives the unconstrained and extremely very much arranged articles and rationales. AngularJS Developers need to simply make circles of articles and cluster with the required properties and need to play around it for the required outcomes. It gives us the unconstrained and clear code which helps in exceptionally easy to understand and intuitive Web-based applications utilizing AngularJS. 

AngularJS Architecture 

It is honored with an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) design and is fit for supporting different examples too like Model-View-Controller or Model-View-View Mode. The view adjusts and controls the DOM to refresh the information and the conduct. In any case, with the utilization of AngularJS advancement, the DOM control is the assignment of the orders and not the view. 

What's more, of course, Uses of AngularJS 


Highlights Of Node.Js 


You can scale your Node.js application by utilizing two different ways – Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling, which causes you to enhance your application execution. 

Unit Testing 

It underpins unit trying out of the container. You can utilize any JS unit testing systems like Jasmin to test your Node.js code. 

Server Development 

Node.js has some worked in API which encourages you to make distinctive kinds of Server like HTTP Server, DNS Server, TCP Server and so forth. 

Better Performance 

It gives better execution since Node.js I/O tasks are non-blocking. Additionally, it utilizes V8 JavaScript motor to execute JavaScript code. V8 motor aggregates the JS code specifically into machine code which makes it quick. 

Open Source 

Node.js is open source, so it's allowed to utilize and no compelling reason to pay for the permit and you can expand it according to your need. 



Rakish and hub is Both the open-source apparatuses as node.js is essentially used to manufacture server-side applications, while AngularJS is suited for building single-page customer side web applications both can be joined to make isomorphic web applications, for example, applications that are worked with a similar dialect on the back and front-closes, however they are very extraordinary in their engineering and working. In the event that you go somewhat further and use MongoDB as your information store, you can assemble your whole foundation utilizing JavaScript favored devices.

By: Mutasem Elayyoub